Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades are the leader in energy efficiency. They are designed with cells in the fabric to trap air inside that creates an insulative layer between the window and the home. These blinds are great for improving the energy efficiency in a room while still being able to control the amount of light entering a room.

Energy Efficiency

These shades are popular for arched windows, angled windows, or skylights because of how they are attached at both the top and bottom of the window. Honeycomb shades are available as a motorized option, as well.


Our company prioritizes safety. We use two mechanisms that are child safe (motorized blinds, spring roller). The chain mechanism can be mounted to the wall to make it more difficult to reach for small children.

Honeycomb/ Cellular Shades

– All blinds are cut to the window specifications and can be mounted inside the window, outside the window, or to the roof
– Over 40+ colours to choose from – 2 Levels of openness (Translucent or Blackout)
– 3 different operations (Top-down, Bottom-up, Top-down / bottom-up)
– Lift options (cord lift, cordless, motorized)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Solar Shades And Roller Shades?

Solar shades block UV light compared to Roller shades that block all light. Solar shades provide privacy that allows you to see out but not in during the day while Roller shades block all vision.

Where To Use Solar Shades Vs Roller Shades?

Solar Shades are great for areas that you want to reduce light and still enjoy the view outside (Living Rooms, Dining rooms, Kitchens…) . Roller Shades are great for areas that you want to be dark or to enjoy full privacy (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Theatre rooms…)

How Much Do Roller Shades Cost?

Roller Shades/ Solar Shades are a more affordable option that still provide an amazing look. Contact us for a free Quote on Roller/ Solar Shades to get a better idea.

Do You Have Samples We Can See?

All of our consultants carry multiple samples for in-home consultations so you can see our selection of 70+ fabrics to choose from. Our consultants carry multiple cassette options so you can see the full design before your purchase.

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