Roller Shades

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Our large selection of premium roller shades are a great choice for UV protection and privacy. Roller shades provide a modern look to any room with a minimal design and provides great privacy. These blinds are common inside residential homes but are the go to for most commercial buildings.

Roller shades make it very easy to control the amount of light entering a space. They can also help with heating and cooling of a room by closing or opening the blinds. Our translucent options allow for the people inside to see outside but make it difficult for people outside to see inside.

These blinds are very easy to clean with a simple duster or a wet cloth to quickly wipe them down. To heavily wash them use a mild solution of dish detergent and water with a sponge or damp cloth, Start wiping at the bottom and slowly work up until the shade is clean then leave the shade open to allow it to dry completely.

UV protection is important for all homes but especially if you have Hardwood or vinyl floors, UV light can make hardwood and vinyl fade over time and is expensive to repair or replace.

Safety is a high priority for our company so we offer 2 child safe mechanisms (spring roller, Motorized blinds) our chain mechanisms also come with wall mounts for the bottom of the chain to make it more difficult for a child to get at.

Roller Shades Options

– All blinds are cut to the window specifications and can be mounted inside the window, outside the window, or to the roof
– 100+ Colors to choose from, 15+ fabric options
– 4 Levels of openness (Blackout, 5%, 3%, 1%)
– 3 different operations (Chain, Spring Roller, Motorized)
– 3 cassette options (Painted Cassette, Fabric Cassette, Square cassette)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Solar shades and Roller shades?

Solar shades block UV light compared to Roller shades that block all light. Solar shades provide privacy that allows you to see out but not in during the day while Roller shades block all vision.

How much do roller shades cost?

Roller Shades/ Solar Shades are a more affordable option that still provide an amazing look. Contact us for a free Quote on Roller/ Solar Shades to get a better idea.

Where to use Solar Shades vs Roller shades?

Solar Shades are great for areas that you want to reduce light and still enjoy the view outside (Living Rooms, Dining rooms, Kitchens…) . Roller Shades are great for areas that you want to be dark or to enjoy full privacy (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Theatre rooms…)

Do you have samples we can see?

All of our consultants carry multiple samples for in-home consultations so you can see our selection of 70+ fabrics to choose from. Our consultants carry multiple cassette options so you can see the full design before your purchase.


I highly recommend Bold Blinds, their prices and customer service is unbeatable. The heavy material works great for keeping the heat in.

Colin C.

Just got our blinds installed! They did a 5+ star job. From the beginning to the end zero hassle. They also look awesome, and were great to deal with!

Jay K.

Very happy with the roller shades we purchased. The whole process was smooth, simple and quick. Thanks for your great service Bold Blinds!!

Julia S.


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