We carry a large selection of Zebra shades that are becoming more popular in homes today with their interesting designs. These blinds are super easy to operate and allow you to alter the way the sun enters a room in many different ways. Dual Shades are cost-effective, lightweight and are one of the most stylish blinds available. We carry a wide variety of designs, colours, and materials to enhance your windows.

Zebra blinds are made using alternating blackout or translucent fabrics with a clear horizontal strip to give a day and night effect. We carry a wide variety of designs and colours for Zebra because of their growing popularity and stylish look.

Zebra Blinds allow you to have transparency and privacy easily. They are a modern take on horizontal Venetian blinds and block UV light from damaging the interior of your house. UV protection is important for all homes but especially if you have Hardwood or vinyl floors, UV light can make hardwood and vinyl fade over time and is expensive to repair or replace.

Safety is a high priority for our company so we offer 2 child-safe mechanisms (spring roller, Motorized blinds) our chain mechanisms also come with wall mounts for the bottom of the chain to make it more difficult for a child to get at.

These blinds are very easy to clean with a simple duster or a wet cloth to quickly wipe them down. To heavily wash them use a mild solution of dish detergent and water with a sponge or damp cloth, Start wiping at the bottom and slowly spin the blind down making sure to get the front and back of the shade.

Zebra Shade/ Dual Shade Options

– All blinds are cut to the window specifications and can be mounted inside the window, outside the window, or to the roof
– 100+ Colours to choose from, 15+ fabric options
– 4 Levels of openness (Blackout, 5%, 3%, 1%)
– 3 different operations (Chain, Spring Roller, Motorized)
– 3 cassette options (Painted Cassette, Fabric Cassette, Square cassette)


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds are shades that allow for privacy and light
by adjusting the 3” stripe to line up and offer light or be
offset to be provide privacy.

Are Zebra Blinds Easy To Clean?

Our Zebra blinds require very low maintenance and are designed to be more durable and dust resistant than conventional blinds by specially treating them to resist stains and dust build-up.

What Does Zebra Blind Warranty Cover?

Our blinds are thoroughly inspected before every install. However sometimes accidents do happen so to protect you against the accidents we offer a 5-year standard warranty and 5-year “No Questions Asked” full replacement. For more information please visit our warranty page.

Do You Have Samples We Can See?

All of our consultants carry multiple samples for in-home
consultations so you can see our different fabric styles,
cassette styles, and be able to see how they function
before you make your final decision.

We provide the only
highest quality of work
that meets your